Cuba - Calle Cardona - 2013

Calle Cardona, Cuba, 2013

La coopérative agricole en construction, Sahambavy, Madagascar, 2013

Cooperative agricole - Sahambavy - Madagascar

Afrique3ravintsara copie

ReRéunion d'information à Fandrandava, Madagascar, 2013



Le centre multi-fonctionnel en construction, Tinca, Roumanie, 2013


Mission de raccordement électrique du quartier Rom de Tinca

La zone d'intervention, Tinca, Roumanie, 2013

Who are we?

An international NGO working through the implementation of inclusive and integrated programs connected to the local realities.

What do we do?

We conceive, implement and perpetuate development programs. This is done through dialoguing with, and the active participation of our local partners and authorities and the states of the countries we intervene in.
The principal purpose of these programs is to improve the living conditions of the poorest populations of the world in a sustainable way. We also aim to reinforce the civil society organisations that we work with.
We do not intervene in a precise sector or area but apply a specific process of cooperation. By the connection of our network’s members’ abilities, we maximise the efficiency, the inclusiveness and the autonomy or our programs.

Our convictions:

Development programs have to settle on various dimensions in order to ensure a positive driving force for the poor and underprivileged: housing actions, economic development, community building, education access, health and social care…
They have to be integrated into a territory and processed with the local actors and authorities.
Through a genuine common working area, they have to reinforce the civil society’s abilities of the countries we intervene in, as well as that of western organisations.
Programs’ theorisation and capitalisation cannot be done out of a permanent and followed discussion with the fieldwork. Methodologies have value only through their adaptability and dynamic features.

Our team:

Our organisation relies on an international network of development professionals: sociologists, anthropologists, urban planners, architects. We rely on the multidisciplinarity of our people to build a transverse program.
Our network is federated by the headquarters in France: four employees (a director, a general project adviser, one for Romania and one for Madagascar) and an active board of twelve members. Five locals are employed in Madagascar (a project officer, an agricultural engineer, a community strengthening adviser, an accountant and an equipment technician) two in Romania (a social worker attached to Roma people and a multifunctional building monitoring adviser) and there is a project implementation adviser in Cuba.

Our programs:

Rebuilding housing program
Street Cardona, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Program opened in 2013

The Cuban’s was hit by the hurricane Sandy in October 2012, exacerbating an already disturbing situation. Due to the population’s migrations and the unhealthy housing conditions, the sanitary situation has seriously deteriorated. Santiago de Cuba now counts more than 17,000 houses totally wrecked and more than 200,000 damaged homes.
In the poor neighbourhood of the Calle Cardona, we identified 30 almost totally destroyed homes, endangering 90 people. The other 130 people of the street need housing assistance in order to improve their living and hygiene conditions.
We aim to set up a housing project which consists of building 6 emergency shelter houses, 30 permanent houses, as well as a sanitation bloc. Our program plans to involve the beneficiaries in the rebuilding of their individual house but also to operate on the urban and collective scale. After this first rebuilding step, we want to set up an inclusive development program including: economic development, community building, health and social care.
Housing budget estimation: 250 000 €.
Financial and implementing partners: Abbé Pierre Foundation Community organisation : Chekere, CDR of the Neighbourhood of Cuabitas, Local Council of Santiago de Cuba, the Ministry of Commerce and Trade (MINCEX)

«Fiavoarana Sahambavy» Program, Madagascar
Income generating activities
Improving basic medical facilities
Medical Actions: Alcoholism / Cancer / Handicaps

Program opened in 2013

Implemented in the Fianarantsoa area and in partnership with the Malagasy community organisation of ODEFI, this program intervenes in various areas. Because of the number of intermediaries between the producers and the consumers, the local farmers’ income levels off. We also observed health issues due to alcohol consumption and lack of health follow-up.
Thus, the program aims to assist the producers in the creation of an agricultural cooperative. The latest initiative will generate essential oils and medicinal alcohol out of the local and illegal potable alcohol. It also plans to include special need people within the nursery activity. It will develop an awareness program about alcoholism towards health professionals and farmers and specific healthcare to the family attached to the cooperative (including detection of cancer in woman).
Total budget: 560,000 €
Financial and implementing partners: Dominique & Tom Alberici Foundation, Veolia Foundation, ODEFI

Great Lyon Council’s coordinator
for the decentralised cooperation in Romania,
City of Tinca, Bihor region, Romania

Program running since 2011

This is a long term social and economic assistance program toward the poorest populations. The support is carried out to the beneficiaries through the local council of the city of Tinca on its territory and responds to the needs of the population.
In a neighbourhood mainly inhabited by a Roma community, we are building a multifunctional building that will host bathrooms, showers, toilets, rooms for professional training and educational assistance. By and with the building of the structure, we are also setting up a sewage network and electricity supply in the neighbourhood. At the end of the year a hundred people will be brought electricity to their home.
Total budget: 390 000 €
Financial and implementing partners: Great Lyon City Council, Abbe Pierre Foundation

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